3D Videos

I. Early Work.
The Early Work began in the 1980’s using two SX-70 Polaroid Cameras side-by-side. I constructed several Plexiglass Boxes with mirrors for viewing the results.
When the digital era arrived in the early 2000’s, I began making stereoptical video work, which allowed me to present these Polaroid photos as projected video work.

II. Recent Work.
The Current Work explores the new territory the digital era has made available.
Most recently I am recording various objects stereoptically in the studio. These serve as a point-of-departure, since filters and other procedures are used in the editing process, to create , or “compose” the new works.

III. Street and Art Documentation.
The stereoptic rendering of people and places is now relatively easy to do.
Both everyday “street-life” scenes and monumental art installations can be preserved and re-experienced with a nearly real, tangible experience.

IV. Experimental and Live Performance.
The melding of the stereoscopic medium with the other arts is in its infancy. These clips are early samples of the stereoscopic medium interfacing with Dance and Live Music.
The stereoscopic medium lends itself to Live Performance and Concerts, which provides a real-moment aspect of this new medium that can now be explored.

D. Carlton Bright